Saturday, October 18, 2003

Bullying in Texas

Is this the future of California? From Polstate, via Guntherconcept, via the DNC website, catch this leaked email written by a Republican staffer. Here is just a snippet:
    24 - Frost - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hello Congressman Marchant (a state Senator). His distrcit disappeared as Burgess takes inner city Ft. Worth, Eddie Bernice Johnson takes his part of inner city Dallas, Sessions takes his hispanic voters in central Dallas and Barton takes his home in north Arlington. It simply disappears in a Coppell centered district in the VERY republican mid-cities area between Dallas and Ft. Worth. This is the D's best legal challenge as inner city Ft. Worth will now be outnumbered in a Rpublican suburban district (see CD 26). However, the creation of a new african american seat in Houston so that new map should pass the challenge. (switches to R)
First personal reaction: what kind of parenting did this guy receive? What does this say of the organization supporting individuals like these?