Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hectic week

Instead, I'm going to plug the other members in our little circle of ed blogs.

Please wander through this list and say hello. Lots of good stuff. We have our different styles and approaches, which makes it even more interesting.
  • Shut Up and Teach Arizona

  • Assorted Stuff Virginia

  • Education is Politics

  • No NCLB Alaska

  • Hedgetoad Washington State

  • Teacher Ken

  • The Super's Blog Indiana

  • mesoj Alabama

  • Education at the Brink Texas

  • The Endless Faculty Meeting Idaho

  • Educational Equity, Politics & Policy in Texas Texas

  • chris correa Michigan

  • Pharyngula Minnesota

  • folkbum's rambles and rants Wisconsin

  • NYC Educator New York

  • A History Teacher

  • Schools Matter