Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Off to the inlaws again. Same bat channel, same bat time, and no doubt it'll be the same battiness as always.

I want to highlight a couple things, two from Cyndy, that brings some hope, at least to this blogger.

*News of the Progressive Democrats of America
Even more now than ever before, I feel uncomfortable and uneasy identifying with the Democratic party. My god, is this really my party? I don't recognize it at times. It's the democrats, lower case d, that I align with, not the corporate dudes who spout about the third way, whatever that means. I'll give this new group a chance.

*Orifice of Homeland Absurdity, Cyndy's new baby.
And a very inspired one at that. Godfather is Dave Pollard who provides a guide for activism and change. Please help get the site rocking.
Based on Dave Pollard's Eight Fronts of Resistance, I'm hoping it can turn into an orifice of action. I have a good start to a collection of Consumer Resources but I need your help! If you sign up as a member you will be able to submit articles and links related to the topics, otherwise you will still be able to access the resources and comment.
Adding related links of interest in the comments is welcome for the time being until the site grows too much for me to keep up.

Whenever a member writes an especially good blog post relating to any of the topics and believes it has educational value or is a desired plan of action, I urge you to also submit it as news here. or from the 'submit news' link in the main menu. It will then be categorized under the desired topic for easy access.

I hope this can become an easy way to streamline information, provide some collaborative direction and be of service to those who want to walk the walk of Marketing Coolness, something the left has been losing that we need to get back.
*Lakoff's gift to us: a practical guide to talking to our conservative relatives at the dinner table
I know news of this excerpt from his new book is all over blogtopia (y!wksctp)* but dammit, this Lakoff link is for me to use so I can refer to this info when I'm in a bind.

There you go. Have fun, eat well, drive safely.

*my variant: yes! we know skippy coined the phrase