Thursday, September 02, 2004

How does testing affect the education of students?

Caught this very astute question from a young reporter covering the RNC for Alternet:
Fox News didn’t like our line of questioning with House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.). During the second question, a cameraman gave us a hand signal signifying that we should end the interview. We wanted to ask Hastert about how testing actually affects the education of students. We know that testing isn’t the same as educating kids but wanted to give Hastert the chance to defend the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.
Damn. I wish they were able to get a response from Hastert. I don't know what the answer would've been but certainly this is another question corporate media could ask about NCLB. (Could but will they? While they're at it, try this question as well.)

A bit of background on these young reporters at the RNC.
This article was reported on by: Kibuchi Banfield, 17; Natasha Kirtchuk, 13; Laurence James, 13; Emily Olfson, 16; Marie Ponsot, 11; and Nily Rozic, 18; from Children's PressLine; Carlie Coccia, 12; Andrew LaCombe, 14;; Danielle Thoune, 14; Kristie Tonge, 17; from 8-18 Media; and Jordan Denari, 13; Allison Gardner, 14; Andy Goldblatt, 16; Izaak Hayes, 13; Emma Hulse, 17; Katie McDowell, 11 from Y-Press.
All in all, a fantastic effort by these kids.