Sunday, June 20, 2004

Did you have a good weekend?

Back from a last-minute trip to Orange County. Spent one day at Disneyland but it was way too overstimulating for the soon-to-be firstgrader. Sensory integration issues kept showing its ugly head. But the Science Discovery Center in Santa Ana was a huge hit. Although we were mighty skeptical because Taco Bell sponsors the place, the exhibits were well made, interactive, and fun. No sign of Taco Bell tacoes anywhere inside the museum except for their diner.

I fully expected to read the four books I brought with me but I was exhausted from all the walking. Why is walking at a theme park more tiring than taking a regular walk?

And with no computer with high-speed connection to distract me, I ended up sleeping instead of staying up all night.

The books I didn't read: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman, Bill Moyers on America, Banished Knowledge by Alice Miller, and The Book on Bush by Eric Alterman and Mark Green.

Since I have a whole load of articles I need to catch up on, I feel supremely overwhelmed.

I'll start with this photo on Susan Ohanian's site (progressive education). Susan is a former teacher, now writing and lecturing about the problems in public education.